3 Life Lessons Simon Cowell Taught Me

May 27, 2010 — 2 Comments

I wonder what Simon’s Momma used to say to him as a little boy… I bet she never uttered the words, “Now be nice, Simon.”

Here are 3 Life Lessons Simon has managed to teach me. He’s that good.

    1. Nice is for Phonies – People want to hear the truth (not always about ourselves, but for sure about others!) I’d rather know what someone thinks about me any day, as have them lie to my face. **It takes guts to be honest & wisdom to say it with tact.** While Simon could work on his tact, he is completely honest and usually for the benefit of the contestant. {Side Thought: Have you noticed that people with a strong English accent can get away with saying pretty much anything? And darn it if I don’t suddenly have the urge to buy some magic household tool I don’t need!}
    2. Fashion doesn’t matter. The dude wears black, white & grey exclusively and people still like him. Goes to show you actions speak louder than fashion. If the people you’re around judge you by your clothes, you need to find new people.
    3. Be original. Originality will get you through to the next round, even when you forget the words! How many times have we heard ‘be yourself’? My immediate thought is how can I be myself when I don’t know who I am? Well, I think it starts with doing something you love without worrying what other people’s responses are gonna be. We must think outside the proverbial box. I had to do this when I started blogging. I literally had to stop caring that I might offend someone because I have an opinion. It’s not that I want to offend people (okay, sometimes). But at my core, I need to be true to whom God made me & what purpose He made me for. There is freedom in living out your originality!

We will miss you & your monochromatic wardrobe, Simon. Thanks for being your rude self all these years.

So go into your summer with a renewed commitment to be honest & original. And while you’re at it, teach your kids the same. Show them that honesty & originality matter more than playing nice. By the way, 90% of the time NICE is code for “Be average & don’t make any waves. Lie if you have to. Water your opinion down so much that you don’t have one anymore.” And then we wonder why we don’t know how to be our original selves.

I think we can all benefit from hearing other perspectives. What’s one subject you’ve decided you don’t have to be nice about?

Shine On Sisters!

ps. Give extra love to the people you hold dear this Memorial Weekend.


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2 responses to 3 Life Lessons Simon Cowell Taught Me

  1. Lovin’ the blog conversations!

    I had one of those “time to be honest with a friend” moments today, but I chose not to do it. Where was Simon when I needed him? He definitely would have told her to quit seeing only what she wants to see and get back to reality.

    We’re being honest here, so I have problems with #2. Fashion does matter!! Maybe not as much as we sometimes want to make out, but Simon has definite style. Combine all his black cashmere sweaters with his killer smile, and well, that’s a huge part of his success story!

    #3 reminds me of this quote:
    “Be daring, be different, be impractical; be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.” –Cecil Beaton

  2. I love that you’re being as honest with me as I am with you. I see your point that fashion does matter.

    My intention was to convey that through the entire 9 seasons of American Idol, Simon did not change his fashion style. Oh sure, his shirts may have gotten more expensive, but he kept it simple. He didn’t try to be flamboyant or make a high fashion statement or be something he wasn’t. Yet, he was stylish – his version. And yes, I think that playful glistening smile had something to do with his success as well.

    I’ve never heard that quote before. I really like it. When I find good quotes like that I put them into a Word document for later reference. This one by Cecil Beaton is definitely going in that file. Thanks!

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