Stir up the Lovin’!

July 9, 2010 — 2 Comments

I’d like to hear from my readers today! Tell us all something extra special about one of your kids – your daughter’s beautiful smile, your boy’s adventurous spirit, his tender heart, her latest accomplishment… Or share one of your best memories together ~ like the time your four-year-old  ratted you out as the one that passed gas at the table (oh wait, that was my son!).

I find that when I remember the good times with my kiddos, is often when I’m stirred to create new good times! How about you?

Stir up the lovin’! What’s great about your little bambinos?

Shine On Sisters!

P.S. Hey, you don’t have to be a writer to leave a comment! Just say it as it comes! It works for me! Besides, how often does someone actually ask you to brag on your kids? Exactly!


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2 responses to Stir up the Lovin’!

  1. You know I can go on and on about my babies…

    Emma is sooo stinking sweet it is rediculous.
    And Zeke is hillarious. He remembers EVERYTHING. He loves to sing and give directions.

    We just got home from Colorado and had about a 15 hour car ride both ways. I do not think my 3 year old or almost 1 year old cried or got mad even once during those long rides in the car! I was amazed and sooo blessed by both of them.

    We had so many special times during our time away. They are memories and I am locking safely away in my heart…and I pray that they made a beautiful imprint on the hearts of my babies.

    Tell me something amazing your boys are doing? Actually I am sitting next to your oldest as he plays sweetly with both of my kids. He is setting up a game of yatzee while making sure Emma stays safely away from the dice.

    • I can vouch for you, Melissa – everything you said about Emma & Zeke are 100% true. When I saw them yesterday I realized how much they had grown & couldn’t get over how much I’d missed them!

      Isn’t it fun to brag on your kids?

      My boys are incredible too, of course. Benny in a word is passionate – about everything! He lives up to his name which means strong & manly. Nothing holds him back when he sets his mind to doing something, that is for sure. Bernie, his younger brother is what we’ve coined to be our “Joy Generator”. Seriously, the kid can make anything funny. (He gets that from me! LOL) And from his daddy, Bernie seems to know how everything works, whether he’s been taught or not. Awesome in a freaky sort of way!

      Both Benny & Bernie can be so compassionate & loving. It melts my heart when they pray for others & are concerned for other people’s needs. A few years back when Benny was in Kindergarten, a little girl fell during recess. Benny’s teacher said he ran over to her, put his hand on her shoulder & prayed for her, and then wouldn’t leave til she had stopped crying. Now that’s my boy!!!!

      I’m so proud of both of them and wish I could take all the credit. But it is Jesus within our kids who teaches us so many things like compassion, love & patience. And for that, I am grateful!

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