Valentine’s Day is now my favorite holiday!

February 18, 2012 — 1 Comment

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in Love4Lunch in some fashion or another! As of right now, $12,415 has been given.  I say ‘as of right now’ because just today another donation was made! People are still feelin’ the love!

{Update: by the end of February, over $14,500 was given!!!}

Once all the funds are in from the local events, they will be wired to Swaziland and the Bheveni children will be told that they can return to school for the entire year, without worry of being turned away!

I know many of you, like me, wish that you could be there to see the looks on kids’ faces when they are given the great news! Remember the hysteria created a few years ago when Oprah surprised her entire studio audience with a new car? “You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!”

Yeah. It’ll be that, but x160!!

“YOU get an education! YOU get an education!

YOUUUUU get an education!”

The children will be shouting and spontaneous singing will break out! I can hear them singing now, “I just want to say, Niyabonga, Jesu” (Thank You, Jesus!) And of course, Make Maksohazane will immediately begin doing her African Praise Dance, with one hand in the hand and a war cry like you’ve never heard!

Let me remind you, Giver –

You did NOT go without lunch for nothing.

You did NOT plan a local Love4Lunch event in vain.

You did NOT just throw your money to the wind.

Your money is going to REAL kids in REAL need of a REAL opportunity!

Your prayers, your dollars, your efforts combined with the hard work of the natives & staff in Swaziland will bring change and opportunity the children wouldn’t have had otherwise.

I’m so proud of my Jesus & my community! You did not turn a blind eye or say, “Those kids half way around the world are NOT my problem!” You served them as Jesus in Disguise! I’m so humbled & grateful that you let His Love flow through you this Valentine’s Day! Guaranteed it was the best lunch money you’ve ever spent!

On behalf of the children, their caretakers, and Children’s HopeChest, I say a big fat thank you!!! Keep praying, keep giving, keep loving!

Shine On!







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...daughter of the King, wife and mother ~ danielle believes all christians are missionaries; we're called to love Jesus and share that love through active compassion that brings tangible & eternal change in the lives of those we touch. no one should live more proactive, more giving, more sacrificial lives than those that claim to know Christ. time to remove the blinders & excuses and let the love of Christ flow through us.

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  1. I’m blown away! God is amazing. I pray some one has a video of the kiddos getting this news!

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