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Swaziland Mission Trip

on behalf of Children’s HopeChest

Dates & Location: July 19th – July 31st, 2014 Bheveni Carepoint, Manzini, Swaziland

Cost: *$3400 Estimated Total Air & Land Costs

{$1700 land costs includes lodging, in-country transportation, food, drinks and travel insurance. Land cost may change slightly depending on the size of the group. Airfare costs vary depending on availability & departure city.}

Trip Leader: Danielle Brower, Volunteer Sponsorship Coordinator & HopeChest Advocate

Sponsorship impacts everyone's lives!

Purpose: To be living representatives of Christ’s love. To hand-deliver the Hope of a Father who has not forgotten the children of Swaziland. To assist in empowering the orphan & at-risk children through true encouragement, serving any way we can, and fostering their independence that leads to long-term growth & development.

Who: Adults 18+ years of age. We have people from all over the USA join us, and sponsors and non-sponsors alike are welcome! We firmly believe that people need the opportunity to see and experience the impact of child sponsorship, as well as the opportunity to be the hands-on love of Christ to children who have been marginalized or forgotten by their own society.

Itinerary: We will spend 4 or 5 days at Bheveni Carepoint. Much of the day is spent simply being with and playing with the kids, and helping the volunteer cooks who daily serve the children. We will also do brief, relevant Bible lessons. In addition, we conduct home visits throughout the week, meet the children’s caregivers, and bring them at least a month’s worth of food & supplies. The days are long, and hard work, but absolutely worth it. Typically the last day is when we see a little more of Swaziland & do some shopping, as most flights leave very late at night.

Costs: Children’s HopeChest application (given to trip leader) and land cost deposit of $250.00 are due April 20th.

Share this with your family & friends!

Share this with your family & friends!

To pay online under the “give” tab and fill out all the information for “trip payment” be sure to use our trip code SZ140704T in the ‘reference’ section & traveler’s name in the ‘notes’ section. Please email me when you make a payment.

Second payment of $250.00 is due (8 weeks out – May 25th)

Final Trip Payment is due (4 weeks out – June 22nd)

Flights: You will book and purchase your own flight (either using our travel agent or book on your own), but you must arrive and depart the same airport at the same time as the trip leader. Tickets will be purchased appx. 6-8 weeks prior to travel.

Accommodations: You will stay in a hotel in Johannesburg and in a safe, clean Guest House in Manzini.

Medical: To have the most benefit, see a health-care provider at least 4-6 weeks before your trip. We follow the Center for Disease Control guidelines for vaccination recommendations.

Passport: Please verify when you apply that your passport is current AND has at least FOUR blank pages.

Need the application? 2014 CHC Application

Have questions? Contact

Interested in coming to Swaziland, Africa with us? The B-Team will return to Swaziland in 2013. 

We invite people from all over the US to join this dynamic & diverse group! 

July 23rd-August 4th, 2013

Feel free to watch the video & read through the info below! The video contains dates & costs associated with our 2011 trip, but it gives a great overview of how Children’s HopeChest & the carepoints work together to care for the children.

July 23rd-August 4th, 2013 – Bheveni Carepoint in Swaziland, Africa

Trip Leaders: Mike & Danielle Brower

FOR DETAILS, please watch this sweet video!



Airfare for 2013: $1800-$2100 round trip, APPX. All team members will fly out of Dulles (DC) on the 23rd on the SAME flight, arriving in Johannesburg on the 24th together. We can help you begin purchasing your airline ticket as soon as your application & land cost deposits are in.

Land Costs: $1700 The land costs cover our travel, gas, drivers, hotels, food and water from the time we are picked up at Johannesburg Airport (JNB) until we are returned to JNB. We will share rooms in groups of 2-3. Each person can bring a small amount of cash for additional snacks and souvenirs. Towards the end of our trip (on our way back to South Africa) we will have an opportunity to purchase souvenirs at a local outdoor market.
In Swaziland, we will be staying in the city of Manzini, appx. 40 minutes from Bheveni Carepoint. We will stay again at the Asante Guesthouse, which is gated for security reasons, and has a small hotel/bed & breakfast feel to it. The guesthouse is equipped with excellent wifi service so that you may stay in contact with your family back in the US.
There will be times when we will be eating what the children eat (which may be rice & beans or pap, which is a very thick cornmeal). You will be expected to respectfully eat what is placed before you. But there are other times when we eat at the guesthouse or at a restaurant. Before we leave for the trip, we will SKYPE as a team and discuss this further.
We will spend as much time with the children as possible – playing with them, teaching, and helping as much as we can. We are still assessing what capital service projects we can do to be the greatest blessing – this may involve clean up, repair, simple reconstruction, etc. We will also have the opportunity to visit at least 10 homesteads, bringing them a basket of food, and praying for them. This is a very humbling, and spiritual experience, and the people are immensely grateful.  We go to serve – not to pity or to come home with a good story of how ‘bad’ it is. The Swazi people deserve our respect and have much to teach us about living with joy, in spite of circumstance.
The land cost per person total is based on 17 travelers on our team. Should the team number fluctuate, so will the costs. Start fundraising & saving NOW!!!! We highly recommend that you send out support letters to your friends & family!
There’s always the question of “Is going worth it? Its expensive! Wouldn’t it be better for us just to send the money to the people, that we’re going to spend on airfare & hotel?” The answer is yes, and no. It is worth it to go. And yes, there are times when it is better to send funds. But there are two things that money can not give a child (near or far) – and those things aren’t things at all  – tangible hugs & time. The majority of the children we serve have been abandoned or have lost their parents due to the AIDS pandemic. Having adults come to just love on & play with & listen to them means the WORLD! We go as ambassadors of Christ, sharing His love & being His hands to wrap around the kids who desperately need to know they are valued & cared for. Jesus Himself came in the flesh, to the people – to all people – as a missionary of love. We are following in His footsteps, taking the Gospel message of love into all the world, as the Bible describes in Matthew 28:16-20. Throughout the year, we serve & love locally, and once a year we ‘go to the uttermost parts of the earth’! THAT is a cost I’m willing to pay! How about you?


ASAP – Trip Application & $50 deposit mailed to Trip Leader
(make all checks payable to HopeChest)
Danielle Brower
ATTN: 2013 Swaziland Mission Trip
420 Hazel Avenue East
Kimball, MN 55353
May 17th – Recommended Individual Plane Tickets purchasing deadline 
(Mike & I will buy our tickets first when we find the best price for the exact flight we need. You will be told what airline & flight ticket to purchase. After that, it is up to you WHEN you actually book your ticket. But obviously, the sooner the better so you can get the best price possible. We will walk you through this process step-by-step when that time comes.)
April 30th – $250 Land Cost Payment #1 Due
May 28th – $250 Land Cost Payment #2 Due
June 25th – Final Payment of Land Cost minus initial deposits DUE
SZ130704T  – Trip Code and traveler’s full name is to be included on all payments. All checks (made out to HopeChest) need to be mailed to Team Leader – do not send checks or cash directly to HopeChest. We send them in as a team. Should you (or donors) wish to pay online, let me know.

If you are interested in joining the B-Team in 2013, please contact me, fill out the application & read this helpful info!

Children’s HopeChest Trip Application 2013  (Click here, and click again on link)

CHC Traveler Healthcare & Vaccinations

Global Underwriters Traveler Insurance

Group Agreement FINAL As Team Leader, I will fill this out, but you need to be aware of what it says.

Packing List

POA & Memorandum of Understanding

US PASSPORT Application (online app OR to be printed and handed in)

Find out where you can locally submit your passport application HERE

CDC Vaccination Recommendations for traveling to Swaziland, Africa

We are so excited about the missions trip & look forward to the adventure God has planned! If there are any other questions, I’m here for you! If you would like fundraising information, please let me know!

Danielle Brower

Cell – 763.516.0599 – where you’ll find I talk a lot about Swaziland!















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