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Siphiwe is now 17 years old & taller than us!


We have sponsored a young girl, Siphiwe, for three years now through Children’s HopeChest. HopeChest along with Adventures in Missions has over 30 Carepoint sites throughout Swaziland, Africa. Siphiwe comes daily to the Bheveni Carepoint along with over 150 other orphaned and vulnerable children. Not only does my family have the honor of being Siphiwe’s special friends in the US, I also am a volunteer with Children’s HopChest. I help match caring families with orphaned & vulnerable children who come to Bheveni Carepoint for help. The Bheveni Carepoint is where the children receive food (usually their only meal of the day), clothing & medical treatment if needed, education & love because of the committed workers who run the carepoint, but also because they have sponsors who give $34 a month to Children’s HopeChest that sees to it these individual children are cared for body, soul & spirit.

I love the holistic approach that Children’s HopeChest (CHC) has within it’s carepoints. We really strive to create a community environment at each carepoint. When you give your monthly support, you are not only helping an individual child, but also the entire Bheveni Carepoint Community. We like to say you are sponsoring a community and mentoring a child. As long as the child comes to Bheveni Carepoint, they have access to food, clean water, a safe play environment, weekly lifeskills training and medical/dental help if needed. Also, if a child is unable to pay school fees, we assist with that as well.

Sponsorship is a $34 a month commitment, with the opportunity to communicate with a sweet, but needy child via letters & translation of emails by Children’s HopeChest.

Find out more about HopeChest & Bheveni Carepoint HERE

Please contact me, Danielle, to begin to change a life & be their HOPE! 

May 2013 Update

Just last week, we learned that more children are coming regularly to Bheveni Carepoint. We currently have 50 children who need a special friend to come alongside them.  As the carepoint grows, so do the needs. Plain & simple, we need your help to meet their basic needs. We will be returning to Bheveni in July, providing you the opportunity to further connect by sending a card, letter and picture to your new friend, as well as learn more about their life. 

July 2013 Update—->

Mike & I are leading a team of 17 people to Swaziland in three weeks, on the 23rd. There are still 34 children (of the 151 who rely on the carepoint for food, water & so much more) who need a personal sponsor, someone who will advocate for them. Beyond ANYthing else, Sponsorship is what is needed most. It is statistically proven that sponsorship changes the life of a child & brings hope they wouldn’t otherwise have. Will YOU be that HOPE?

All sponsors are allowed to send a letter/card/family photo & gift for their special friend at Bheveni. Contact Danielle for details of what you can send.

Margo met her sponsored boy, Khaya, this year!

1) Sponsor a specific child. To the child, you are known as their special friend. I know for a fact that the child knows you & prays for you! For a family of 4 in America, the $34 a month commitment literally means eating out ONE less time a month. If you would like to know more about the children who still need an advocate, please visit

Bheveni Carepoint Community & Sponsorship Webpage


email me at

  Watch this incredible video to learn more about the need and how you can create hope in a child’s life.

The Bheveni Carepoint Community

2) Be a Bheveni Community Sponsor

A BCS gives financially & prayerfully to the Bheveni Carepoint as a whole. With over 50 children currently unsponsored, there is a tremendous need to meet the costs of running the carepoint. Most of these resources will go to provide food & water for all unsponsored children, as well as toward any overall community needs that the in-country staff see necessary (i.e. if a specific child requires emergency medical/dental attention, or if damage occurs to the carepoint building, etc.) Individuals, Families, Churches or Business are all encouraged to become a Bheveni Community Sponsor.  If you would more more information on becoming a BCS, email me at


Won’t you be the change 4 a child’s life?