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The Friend Ship

May 7, 2010 — 13 Comments

So are you on the Friend Ship or are have you been Walking the Plank?

I’ve been Walking the Plank. On the ship, but not really...

I don’t want to make excuses for myself but I’m going to anyway. 🙂

It’s difficult to find the balance between investing in my friendships and getting done with what I need to do ~ which translates to doing what I want to do.

I am passionate about blogging (it’s my newest passion, I’ve had many). I want to give it my all. And some of my relationships outside of cyber world have suffered because of it, including my relationship with clean laundry, but that’s a different post!

I want to & need to maintain closeness with my G-friends. I have some great ones. But am I willing to invest the time & energy to keep those close friends?

This is my one of my favorite quotes on friendship:

You are my friend when you can guard my failure, challenge my thought and celebrate my success.

Something happened to me yesterday that caused me to want to jump back in the Friend Ship

A woman that I go to church with called me.

Did she call me to ask me to volunteer? Nope.

Did she call me to tell me about her life? Nope.

She called me to listen to me. Literally. I’m still in shock & so touched.

She called to ask how I’m doing and proceeded to ask multiple questions about my life – joys & struggles. We talked for 22 minutes and it’s been the highlight of my week, perhaps my month.

I want to be that kind of friend. A friend that’s interested in your successes & failures. Not what you can do for me.

I’m truly curious, does anyone else find the balancing act difficult? How do we cultivate lasting friendships while still taking care of your family & having time for yourself? How do you do it?

Also do you think you can have true friendship & community in an online social networking? Or is that just a cop-out for not being truly engaged in ‘real’ life?