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Meet Berta Mae, Research Cow Extraordinaire

I’ve been thinking a lot (watch out!)

Besides thinking I’ve been researching.

I’ve been researching women’s friendships & what makes them work. STOP: Can I call us girlfriends, without anybody getting any weird ideas? Girls who are friends is the subject. Now that that’s settled…

I talked briefly about how one woman’s kindness impacted me last week on The Friend Ship

Yes, we are all moms. But we were first women.

And at our very core, women, we need each other’s friendship.

I believe we lead better lives when we go through it with our girlfriends!

I can read articles all day via my Google University Research Studies, but not get real answers.

So, I need your help! Over the next few days/weeks, (however long it takes me) I’ll be asking a few questions about girlfriends and how we relate to & bless each other and how we can bug the crap out of each other.

Here goes…

1. What’s one thing a girlfriend does that strengthen/deepens your relationship with her?

on the opposite side of that coin

2. What’s one thing that weakens a relationship with a girlfriend?

I look forward to hearing multiple perspectives on this subject of girlfriends. While I think an open forum is beneficial, if you feel more comfortable emailing me privately, please do so.

Oh! I almost forgot to introduce you to my research cow, Berta Mae. Seriously, she’s the best researcher ever. She finds what I need, chews on it and spits it back out just the way I like it! Whenever you see Berta Mae on a post, you know research questions are sure to follow!

I have a warped sense of humor. 🙂

Shine On Sisters!!!