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I confess. Tonight I Googled, “How to get people to give to online charity”

I’m ashamed.  I really was trying to avoid resorting to guilt & pressure (as you’ll read below). And that’s why I did it.


I genuinely DO want to see people open their hearts & pocket books –

Wait back this blog train up – did I just say pocket books? I must have suddenly warped to 1953 when women called purses pocket books. Let me start that thought again!

I genuinely DO want to see people open their hearts and purses so that our 132 Beveni kids in Swaziland can have basic medicines, first aid supplies, clothes & paper for school! In fact, it’s been nearly all I can think about since last Tuesday. How can we get the kids the items they have need of?

God opened the doors through connecting us with Kids Against Hunger who is sending a shipment of food to Swaziland very soon. One of our sponsors is working diligently on our behalf to also ship medicines & other supplies to our Beveni kids, on that same container. It should arrive just before we do, in mid-September.

Then God sparked the idea for Beveni Outpouring 72. $7200 in 72 hours for Beveni kids’ supplies. And the needs are being fulfilled! Our Beveni Team (you’re on the team, too) is raising the money to buy the supplies….

Just not as fast as I’d hoped.
At some point today I got worried… (just before I googled) What if we don’t get enough money to send the supplies? And I began to formulate all kinds of cockamamie ideas (can I say that on a Christian blog?) anyhow…

  • Maybe God said 1072 – $1072 in ONE THOUSAND  SEVENTY-TWO hours.
  • All my friends clicked “HIDE” when they saw I was doing an online fundraising campaign.
  • And the worst – It can’t be done. Who can raise $7200 online in 72 hours? I asked God, “What am I missing?”

  • God Googles, right?

    So what did Google say?

    I found out that people give for several reasons.

    • Guilt – not gonna go there.
    • Pressure – here either.
    • Happiness – happy people give more. It’s a fact. Trust me. I don’t know what site I read it on, but a study was conducted sighting that happy people are 40% more likely to give than those who aren’t happy. Duh.
    If you feel guilt-ed or pressured into giving to the Beveni Outpouring 72, don’t do it. Did you read that right? Yep. Don’t give if you feel a measure of guilt or pressure.

    I know, I can’t believe I said it either. I may regret it later.

    Give Because
    • It’s there is a need that you can fill – money goes FAR in Africa!
    • You have a happy heart!
    • You want to spread that joy to others!
    If you haven’t read the specifics of the Outpouring 72, please do so Beveni Outpouring 72 Announcement Post

    Otherwise, if you want to GIVE from your happy heart, GIVE HERE! THANK YOU! That’s the link to Children’s HopeChest Ministry’s online giving form.  In the notes section, be sure to write BEVENI SUPPLIES. Then drop me an email & tell me how much you gave, so I can add it to the grand total.

    The truth is I believe (now that I got through the worry) we will hit the mark of $7200 by 8a.m. Monday morning. But even if we don’t, God will use the money that has been given and multiply it in the lives of the givers & the Beveni kids. I know that for certain…

    …without Google’s help!

    Shine On Sisters!

    Ps. I hope this doesn’t take away from those who have given during our first 48 hours of the Beveni Outpouring 72. I’m so thankful that you stepped up to the plate! I just had a few discouraged hours and decided to blog about how God got me through it! 🙂

    What if you won the Worst Mother Ever award?

    Lindsay Lohan’s mom did. How awful is that?

    It was bestowed upon her by TMZ, a celeb gossip/news company (okay, technically from an online poll TMZ held). TMZ is not known for their excellence in journalism, but they are well-known & have a sizable following. And now Dina Lohan is known. Not just for being famous LiLo’s Mom, but for wearing the label of “Worst Mother Ever”  for things like dropping her daughter off at a bar when she was supposed to be in rehab… yeah. Wonder if her younger kids ever use that award against her? Probably. I would have when I was a kid, for sure.


    This story is not to shame or judge Dina Lohan. Lord knows she needs prayer! Just an example to show that you are in fact NOT the worst mother in the world.

    Besides the fact that you AREN’T, do you ever FEEL like the worst mother who walks the planet?

    How about when your 2-year-old child falls head first, out of the cart onto the cement ground at the grocery store? Or when you get a call from the kindergarten principal saying that your kid threatened another kid with a pair of safety scissors? (pretty sure these two incidents are related somehow)

    At times we all feel as though someone is about to hand us the Worst Mother trophy.

    We screw up. We blow it. We scream.

    We scold & talk to our precious child as if they were an idiot.

    We spank in anger. We want to run away!

    {I might need some confirmation that I’m not the only one who blows it.}

    I can guarantee that all of you reading this blog love your kids. And I wouldn’t be going too far out on a limb to say you’d gladly lay your life down for them.

    Just like we shouldn’t take all the credit when our kid scores the winning hit in the little league baseball game or invents the next Nobel Prize winning genetic code that stops cancer in its tracks… we can’t take all the credit for when things go wrong.

    Moms, don’t allow your guilt to suck out the joys of motherhood. Realize you & your kids are gonna make mistakes: some more embarrassing than others ~ some with life-altering consequences.  It’s in those times that our kids need our love the most, not our shame.

    We should strive to be the best examples, but lets allow for screw ups.

    Tantrums will be thrown in public.

    Naughty words will be blurted out in front of your MIL.

    And don’t even get me started about what the kids will do! 🙂

    Love them through their humanity ~ the good, the bad, the ugly. In that process of letting our kids be human, how about we do the same for ourselves? When you blow it, go to God, and your child, if necessary, and ask forgiveness. Teach them by example to forgive & move forward.

    Release the burden of ‘motherhood’ guilt. Chances are no one is going to show up at your door and slap you with a “Worst Mother Ever” award. Unless you’re Dina Lohan. Yeah. We need to pray for that woman! 🙂

    I wanna hear from you!

    Have your or your kids done something lately that have made you feel as though the paparazzi might chase you down with an award you DON’T want? 🙂

    Shine On Sisters!