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Exciting News!

January 18, 2014 — Leave a comment

Hard to believe 2014 has arrived so quickly!

Completely mature, right?

Completely mature, right?

Even harder to believe, I will be 38 years old next month. Y’all, I’m totally not mature enough to be 38! Just this week, you would’ve found me in the kitchen, dancing with my boys to the tune of Weird Al’s “White & Nerdy”. Thank God no one else saw the awkward gyrations & off-key rapping that occurred… except God. Wait. What if He even turned His head from such shenanigans? Nah, I’d rather imagine Him jumping off His throne, poppin a few sweet moves & singing ‘I wanna roll with the gangstas…’ because Jesus is smooth & realz like that.

As much as we all like to be immature & have fun, there is something very important I’d like to share with the Live4Change community.

Have you noticed that 99% of the time I blog, it usually circles back around to our missions work in Swaziland? This post is no exception! I can’t help it – the Lord has wrecked my heart for the precious children & adults of Swaziland, Africa. I really can’t explain it. Just like I can’t explain why my eyes are hazel – its just part of my DNA.

Just as I rejoice with the successes of my own children, I rejoice with the Bheveni children when they are given an opportunity to grow, shine & change their community. The blog is full of such opportunities, but today I want to tell you about an amazing young man, who needs us to celebrate along with him!

Children’s HopeChest has a fairly new program called the Swaziland Leadership Academy. Every year, about a dozen young adults are chosen from all the carepoints to attend. These young adults are not chosen randomly. Prayerfully, the field staff choose the young adults who have continually been a blessing at their local carepoint.

Drum roll…………

One of Bheveni’s young adults, Bhutana (Boo-tawn-a), has been chosen for the 2014 Swaziland Leadership Academy!!!

Bhutana has shown amazing character and leadership potential and will get the chance to spend this coming year being discipled and trained to return to Bheveni in 2015 as a CarePoint leader! WOW! Way to go Bhutana!!

Bhutana: man after God's own heart

Bhutana: man after God’s own heart

Bhutana is 21 years old. He started coming to the carepoint about 5 years ago. We learned that he was being raised by his brother, and together they were trying to take care of 6 younger children because their parents had died. Did you hear that? Eight children were being raised by each other. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. And fortunately for Bhutana and many other children in the region, they found food, clean water, friendship, and hope at Bheveni Carepoint. Everyday for years, Bhutana has walked 45 minutes to get to the carepoint, I’m sure thanking God for this beacon of hope & provision that is in his community.

A staffer from HopeChest told me “As he moves on to this next stage in life, please keep him in prayer as the devil loves to attack when we are at our best.” These are wise words. I ask that you join me in praying for Bhutana, Octavia and all the SLA students. They need it.


Check out the short video. It explains the goals & vision of the SLA program. It features Octavia, who was a first year SLA graduate, and returned to serve at Bheveni Carepoint. In the video (wearing a red shirt), she speaks several times about her desire to change her nation.

Octavia helping to brighten up the playset at Bheveni in July.

Octavia helping to brighten up the playset at Bheveni in July.

Our 2013 team met her in July. Y’all, I don’t say this lightly. She exudes the love of Jesus as she serves, leads, and disciples with complete joy & humility. If the SLA program had anything to do with her transformation, I know that Bhutana’s experience & return to Bheveni in 2015 will be life changing not only for him, but for the entire community. The Bheveni children need a Godly example of what a man should be. There are very few in a nation that has been ravaged by HIV/AIDS… until now. God is raising up a generation that will lay aside their own agenda, their own desires, and be a vessel that God can use to heal a nation. And He’s using the Swaziland Leadership Academy to do it. If you’ve EVER thought your prayers & donations are being thrown to the wind, think again. This is proof that you are investing in the eternal Kingdom of God!

Shine On!


ps. We are returning to Swaziland in July. Would you like to join our team? Find out more here Swaziland Mission Trip 2014


Hope Is Rising

August 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

It brought so much joy to my heart to read the following post. I love reliving last month’s memories of our first moments with the Bheveni children & bomake. It was such a precious time – as Margo describes – we are no longer strangers, but family. Not only are their names & faces becoming more familiar to us, but their awareness of why we are there is highly evident. We are forming relationships – trusted relationships.

This has been my heart-cry for over three years now, that God would pour His love through us – whatever it takes – so the children would have not only the opportunity for a brighter future, but be filled with a sense of hope, knowing they are valued & are not standing alone. I believe that is happening. Especially when I hear other team members’ experiences, as I’m about to share with you. In a country whose statistics are grim, even threatened by the extinction of the Swazi race – Hope is Rising. Joy is Abounding. God is moving. To the ends of the Earth, the hope of His love & salvation IS growing. 

Many of you are a part of creating that hope. You give. You pray. You write. You go. {You even buy T-shirts & take #selfies just so you can show the children half a world away how much they are loved! More on that subject in a later post.} For now, read the amazing first-hand experience of a woman whose heart has been captured, yet set free to love the children of Swaziland!


The planning for my trip this year pretty much started almost 2 years ago – the day I got home from Swaziland the first time. I knew with the very first smile, the first hug, that it was not if but when I would return.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 8.33.45 AM


The B-Team (B for Bheveni… pretty clever, right?) really doesn’t get serious planning done until the last 6 months or so before we leave. Danielle and Mike, our fearless leaders, do the hard part with the planning – the dates, logistics, the contacts with Children’s HopeChest, setting up the conference calls. The rest of us get to wait for the details. Once the technical stuff is set we get to jump in and start planning the fun stuff: what we’re going to do with the kids. We also discuss what sort of things we can bring to bless the carepoint and the kids. This can sometimes be tricky for us; our first inclination is to try to collect anything and everything that we can. Who wouldn’t want to drop an entire Super Target right smack in the middle of a field and let them loose? But we have to limit what we bring – not only because we have limited baggage space, but more importantly because our visit is not about stuff.Hygiene supplies and underwear are very helpful but they only last so long. Smiles, hugs, laughter – those memories are permanent.

With that being said, I have to say that I had the most awesome time collecting supplies. Each member of our team signed up to bring different items that we planned on handing out. It’s a collect-what-you-can-and-buy-the-rest sort of deal. I put the word out with the items that I wanted to collect and every single item was donated. EVERY SINGLE ITEM. My facebook friends rocked my world – I had stuff shipped to me from different states! I had a trunk load of candy dropped off at my house! I had people contacting me asking what else I needed. And when I came up with the idea of collecting yarn and knitting needles to bring with I had people donating bags and bags of supplies!

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 8.37.51 AM

I also felt like this time around I had so much support from friends and family just in general. Not that I didn’t get support during my first trip but this time I really felt the love. Maybe it’s because people realized that it wasn’t just a one time thing for me, maybe (hopefully) people felt connected to my journey and to Swaziland, maybe it was to make me shut my trap because I can’t stop talking about how much I love Swaziland – I can’t really say. I had a lot of people send me encouraging words, people generously blessed us financially, and there were people praying for me, my family, and the entire trip. At the risk of sounding ridiculously corny, I felt like I had my own little “village” cheering me on throughout the whole process of preparing for, and while I was on the trip.

I’ll skip the details of the travel time (a day and a half? two days?) and get to the good stuff: Bheveni Carepoint. We left Johannesburg, South Africa in the morning and drove the 5-6 hours to get across the Swazi border and to where we were staying. We basically dropped our luggage off at the Guest House (that’s where we stay – it’s like a hotel only much smaller) and headed to Bheveni so we could see the kids for a couple of hours. Our team this year had 17 people and of the 17, only 6 had been to Bheveni – but everyone was equally excited. As we approached the carepoint my heart sped up. I couldn’t wait to see everyone again! My mind was racing… would I recognize the kids? It had been almost 2 years since I had seen them. Would they remember me? Surely not. Will the Bomake (Bo-MA-gay – the women that keep the carepoint running) be the same? Will any of them remember us?

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 8.40.41 AM


Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 8.40.54 AM

We had discussed on the drive to the carepoint that we were not even going to take our cameras out during this first visit – mostly because we wanted to get (re)acquainted with our friends here and not have it turn into a circus. Also, we Americans can sometimes forget with all of our technology to actually live the moment instead of just recording it.

I tell you, as I stepped out of our bus and got the first real look at the beautiful blue building and all of the children running around it, I got goose bumps and tears in my eyes. I remember thinking ‘I’m home.’

It didn’t take long before we were surrounded with children – giggling, whispering, hands reaching out for hands. We made our way over to the “kitchen” area so we could greet the Bomake and I was surprised and in awe that most of them remembered me. My highlight from the day was when Gcebile, (Nay-BE-lay) the preschool teacher who I bonded with during the last trip, walked up to me and said “Margo!” as she embraced me. That she remembered my name after all of this time – it was awesome.

We spent the afternoon playing and talking and holding and hugging kids of all ages – it was heaven. We got to see the Bomake in action and even help a little – cooking and serving the kids. We got our first look at the garden that has become the pride and joy of the carepoint.

Even though it was only a few hours at the carepoint and it was just a taste of the joy that we would feel throughout the week…. it was an incredible day.


Shine On!


Complete Unity

February 24, 2013 — Leave a comment
Mike & I with Kriek & Jumbo Gerber at the Children's HopeChest Africa Partners Conference

Mike & I with Kriek & Jumbo Gerber at the Children’s HopeChest Africa Partners Conference


“Charity will not eradicate poverty. Only education and opportunity will break the cycle of poverty.” ~ Matt ‘Jumbo’ Gerber

Saturday night, Mike & I returned from what will go down in our history as a monumental weekend in Colorado. We were blessed to attend Children’s HopeChest Africa Partners Conference in the Springs for three days of sharing, praying, praising, laughing and learning from like-hearted staff & other sponsorship coordinators from around the country.

As if all that wasn’t enough, we were able to have quality face-to-face conversations with Jumbo & Kriek Gerber who faithfully serve as CHC’s Country Directors in Swaziland. These were precious times to us. We saw at a deeper level the humility and passion they have for the people of Swaziland to be free from the cycle of poverty… and really, that is true of all the HopeChest staff and partners.

I invite you, as Kriek invited us, to make prayer a more central focus of our ministry. One unified, faith-filled prayer can bring more change than years of struggling for good ideas & programs. Creative ideas & programs are essential too, but let them be birthed out of the heart of God, not our limited minds & hearts.

A prayer card for the Gerbers & ministry in Swaziland

A prayer card for the Gerbers & ministry in Swaziland

I’ve met Jumbo & Kriek several times over the last three years and I have never seen them so excited, so focused, so inspired for the vision God has given them! At the core, the vision is the same – to see Swaziland full of people living abundant lives through Jesus Christ. While the statements below don’t show everything, they do prove that GOD’s HAND IS IN Swaziland, working through the HopeChest community-to-community model.

 *There are now 34 community carepoints in Swaziland where over 5,600 vulnerable & orphaned children are fed every day. Compared with 2008, there are now 10 times more children sponsored & being cared for.

*All of the children who come to their community carepoint have access to both crisis & chronic medical care.

*All of the children have the great resource of discipleship, lifeskill training and when needed (all too often) grief counseling to deal with the loss of parents & loved ones.

*There are now 20 native Swazi staff and only 7 Westerners (Gerbers count themselves as Westerners because they are from South Africa, which is in fact west of Swaziland!)

The growth has been incredible in just the last three years… and you, my friends, have all been a part of making this happen by faithfully praying, sponsoring & giving when the needs are presented. THANK YOU!!!

We will continue to see the hungry fed, the lost found, and the captives set free. The children are not only being fed natural food, but are being raised up as disciplers to reach their generation with the love & hope of Christ. They will lead their country into true abundance & prosperity.

God has given greater insight to the leaders of HopeChest of exactly how this needs to happen.  I was (and still am) on the edge of my seat as I listened to them share some specifics at the conference. It will be my pleasure to share this with you in the coming weeks, so that you too can share in the unity & joy of seeing captives set free!

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to subscribe to this blog by entering your email address over on the right column. That way you are assured to not miss a thing!

Shine On!





Mighty Whispers

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This summer you are invited to play, help, serve & GO!!!

This summer you are invited to
play, help, serve & GO!!

Perhaps this is the summer you set it all aside and answer that quiet whisper inside you that for years has been urging you to go beyond what you think you can do, to go beyond your world, to walk in the shoes of another…

This is your time. Saying YES opens the door for God to move mightily  in & through you.

Destination: Swaziland, Africa

Dates: July 23rd-August 4th, 2013

Cost: *$1724 land costs. This includes lodging, in-country transportation, food, drinks and travel insurance. It also includes an end-of-the-trip game drive in Johannesburg. *Cost may change slightly depending on the size of the group.

 For with God nothing is ever impossible and no word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment. Luke 1:37 (amp)

Itinerary: The exact itinerary is still coming together. After meeting up with our guide, our first night will be spent in Johannesburg, SA. The following day we will be traveling five hours by van to Manzini, Swaziland, where we will stay for the majority of our trip. Here we will meet the ministry leaders and receive orientation information, before heading to Bheveni Carepoint early the next morning. We will spend the next week working, playing, and loving at the carepoint, as well as walking to remote homesteads and delivering food. The last two days of the trip will include an opportunity to purchase souvenirs, and a game drive in Kruger National Park, before we depart for the US.

Trip Leaders: Mike & Danielle Brower, Sponsorship Coordinators for Bheveni Carepoint

Isaiah 58 - the BIG IF

Isaiah 58 – the BIG IF

Purpose: Our primary goal will be to provide ministry to orphans and vulnerable children suffering through extreme poverty. We will continue to build on the community-to-community model of long-term relationships with the bomake (grandmothers) and children who live in the area surrounding Bheveni Carepoint. We go to serve alongside these amazing people, not to observe or pity them.

Payments & Deadlines:

Application and $50 deposit (made to HopeChest) need to be sent to the trip leader as soon as possible.

April 30th – Deposit of $250.00 is due (10 weeks out)

May 28th – Deposit of $250.00 is due (6 weeks out)

June 25th – Final Payment of Land Cost is due (4 weeks out – minus initial deposits made)

Send all deposit checks to trip leader, but made out to HopeChest. To pay online under the “give” tab and fill out all the information for “trip payment” be sure to use the trip code SZ130704T in the “reference” section, and your name in the Notes field. Please email Trip Leader when you make an online payment.

Flights: Your Trip Leader will book their own ticket first (by appx. March 23rd) You will be told which flight to be on. You will book and purchase your own flight, but you must arrive and depart the same airport at the same time as the trip leader. Appx. cost of airline ticket will range from $1400-$1800.

Accommodations: You will stay in comfortable and safe Guest Homes in Johannesburg and Manzini, where wifi will be accessible so you can keep in contact with your family.

Medical: To have the most benefit, see a health-care provider at least 4-6 weeks before your trip. We follow the Centers for Disease Control guidelines for vaccination recommendation.

Travel Insurance: Included in the land costs is basic travel insurance coverage.

Passport: Be sure that your passport is current and has at least 4 blank pages. You will travel with your passport at all times, leave one copy in your luggage, another with your trip leader, and lastly, another copy of your passport with your emergency contact person in the US during your travels.


Breakfast will usually be at the guest house. Lunch will vary depending on schedule (sometimes sandwiches and sometimes restaurant meals, sometimes rice & beans or pap with the children). Dinner will either be at a restaurant or the guest house.

Contact & Next Steps:

For more information, e-mail Danielle Brower

Go to to find links to applications, vaccination & passport requirements, and pictures of the children we will be privileged to serve.

There are 4 days left of 2010. Many chapters have been written.

If your story has been like mine,  it’s been filled with some extreme highs & some shocking lows. But that’s what makes a good story, isn’t it? Intrigue. Seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Then at the last possible moment a hero rides in to save the damsel & her dying city from sure defeat?

Jesus has been my hero this year. And He’s saved me from losing my mind in the midst of the darkest days. And truth be told, it’s been during those difficult times that I’ve felt closest to Him.

Here’s how I want the last four pages of my 2010 storybook fulfilled. I want to be found…

  • Loving – my family, my friends & my enemies with Christ’s unconditional love
  • Laughing – finding joy in the simple things
  • Giving – giving my time, my resources, myself like never before
  • Advocating – being a voice for the ‘least of these’
  • Truth be told, I’m not so concerned about my 2010 Storybook ending on a high note. I want to Change the Storybooks for some kids I met back in September in Swaziland, Africa. I saw first hand what a difference an education can make. Education is often the deciding factor of a life filled with hope or a life left to chance. And in Swaziland, the chances are not in a child’s favor.

    Because of the impact of extreme poverty, many children in Swaziland, Africa do not have the opportunity to go to school. They must work, search for food, or walk long distances to get water. However, even with these obstacles removed, many children cannot afford the minimal costs of school attendance.

    Help keep a child in school–where they belong–learning how to read and write and study. Education is the key to independence and the gateway to making dreams come true. Sometimes, those fees are less than $100/year. Your funds will support our Bheveni CarePoint (and other carepoints) in Africa that work with children to develop their educational opportunities AND their Christian character.

    So how will you spend your last 4 days of 2010?

    Will you send it out with a BANG?

    Give more than you ever have?

    Dream bigger than you thought you could?

    Change the story of children who need an education?

    Just say YES! You’ve got just 4 days to change not only your story, but to change the life story of a child in Swaziland. Be the hero. Be the hands & feet of Jesus, who rides in to change the story & bring hope to a dying nation!

    Change Their Story by providing Education Opportunities

    My sons have been raising funds to help children in Swaziland, specifically at our Bheveni Carepoint, to have a chance at an education. They have raised nearly $800 towards their goal of $1,000. That $1,000 could provide a year of education for up to TEN kids! For many, money is the only thing stopping them from attending school. Please visit Andy & Jonny’s webpage at the link above, for more info & be sure to click that big SUPPORT ME button!

    I pray that as your 2010 Storybook comes to a close, you are able to open the first chapter of 2011 with hope & joy & an outward focus on changing the Storybooks of children all over the world! Adventure awaits!

    Happy New Year from Moms4Change!

    One of the many ways that God blessed our missions trip to Swaziland was to show us how the ministry between Children’s HopeChest, AIM, and the carepoints actually work. Obviously our chief concern is how these relationships & ministries effect our children who attend Bheveni Carepoint.

    It’s about the Kids!!!!

    I can say unequivocally that those who are ministering to our Bheveni kids have the kids needs at the center of everything they do. From the leaders of HopeChest here in America, to Jumbo & Kriek Gerber who are AIM’s Swaziland leaders, to the Discipleship Team who know the children and teach them about Jesus every week. IT IS ABOUT THE KIDS!!!!

    What a relief it was to see for myself that yes, it is about the children – it’s not about making a name for their ministry, or having all the best technologies or vehicles to transport teams & staff. No. Let me be clear – it is most definitely about making sure our kids are cared for body, soul, and spirit.

    Gratitude to Deb Gangemi

    Deb Gangemi

    I want to take a moment to thank a very special person. Deb Gangemi. Deb was Bheveni’s sponsorship coordinator from the beginning of the carepoint’s existence. Through God’s grace and her passion for the Swaziland kids, she led hundreds of people to pray for & give to our Bheveni kids for over a year & a half. The building, the outhouse, the fence, the garden, the water tower, the well – all these things you see in the pictures are a result of her efforts to seek funding and support. Deb I hope you know how thankful I am for the foundation you laid, for all the time you gave. We are reaping the rewards for the seed you’ve sown and so are the children of Bheveni. Thank you!

    Let’s THRIVE together!

    A solid foundation has been built at Bheveni. Kids are being fed and have access to clean water. Kids are learning. Bheveni has become what the vision was nearly two years ago – to provide a safe haven for the area children to not only be fed, but also to hear about Jesus & grow in Him. This is happening. To God be the glory!

    The goal of CHC & AIM and our FB Community is to see to it that the children who come to carepoints are not only surviving now, but also thriving & succeeding. This definitely happens because of a strong partnership community. Our goal is to raise up a strong Bheveni Carepoint and surrounding community, one that is NOT solely dependent on provision by us, but one that thrives & is able to rise up and grow beyond what they thought possible. We want our helping to actually help – not hurt or cause dependency on anyone but Jesus.

    One Striking Difference

    I think this is one of the main ways that HopeChest and AIM differ from other large ministry organizations – they seek not only to give the kids a meal or clean water, but to genuinely help them to help themselves beyond mere survival by creating ways for them to thrive in areas such as:

    (While some of these services may be supported by child sponsorship, additional sources of support are required)

    • Education – each child must have the opportunity to go to school.  School fees are costly and must be paid each year in order for a child to graduate to the next grade level. Many families, especially with multiple children find this very difficult. Soon I will be sharing with you a plan to help each of our Bheveni kids thrive in this area.

    • Enhanced medical care through cross Carepoint initiatives

    • Initiate activities through the community that increases ability to earn a living wage (micro-enterprise, occupational training)

    • Engage in developing or building up an indigenous led local church. Each child should be able to have access to a local church & body of believers.

    Partnering & Sponsorship

    You and I are partnering with this vision. By sending in $34 a month, you are not just supporting one child. You are supporting & helping to fund an entire community at Bheveni. It helped me to view sponsorship this way:

    With my $34 a month, I am SPONSORING a community and I am MENTORING a child within that community.

    Siphiwe & I at Bheveni

    I love this approach – it gives me greater hope for my sponsored child that she will grow up in a safe environment with all the opportunities before her to be the best she can be. I know that Siphiwe (my special friend) is fed & cared for at Bheveni & has access to discipleship & medical attention if necessary. But my money also goes to support the greater Bheveni community needs that Siphiwe has full access to. And I have an opportunity to write letters & pray for her as she grows up in Bheveni Community.

    Perhaps you currently do not sponsor a child, but still want to make a difference at Bheveni. I’ll be presenting opportunities soon whereby you can be involved in being a positive influence on children across our world without being a specific child’s sponsor. We are moving forward & growing along with the needs of our carepoint kids & community! I am thrilled to be a part of the plan!

    God bless each of you!


    P.S. You’ve been receiving daily emails from Moms4Change due to our missions trip. But starting this week, Moms4Change will be publishing only two post per week on Tuesdays & Fridays, through the end of the year.  On my next post I’ll be announcing the winner of the Timbali purse – so get to commenting! 🙂

    Let the Praying BEGIN!!!

    September 3, 2010 — 5 Comments

    T minus 14 days til 7 people known as The B-Team (Beveni Team) board a plane headed to the small country of Swaziland, Africa!

    We are going as representatives of Childrens HopeChest, The Beveni Carepoint Sponsorship Group, and YOU! But above all, we go as representatives of Jesus. We are privileged to be part of the Body of Christ who gets to go & share the Good News by serving and blessing His children who need so much.

    Today, as our first official prayer request, I want to introduce you to the B-Team! Please pray for them by name as you go about your day.

    • Pray that God blesses each of us with His strength & His wisdom ~ James 1:5
    • Ask God to protect us from any plan of the enemy to stop God’s plan ~ Ps. 91
    • Trust God with us that we can prepare for the ministry times at Beveni over the course of the next two weeks; that the message God wants the kids to see & hear, will flow through us. ~ Prov. 3:5,6
    • Pray that our team would be united in purpose & in peace, even though we’ve never met! ~ Eph. 4:1-16

    The B-Team

    Beveni Carepoint ~ Swaziland, Africa

    September 18th-29th, 2010

    Anna from Mississippi

    Elysa & Jim while in Hollywood

    Elysa & Jim back home in Mississippi

    Erica from Colorado

    Kelly from Colorado

    Mike from Minnesota

    Danielle from Minnesota

    I thought I’d share a link (shared with me by team member Elysa) that you’ll like – it contains some Swaziland Slang That We’ll Be Learning. It’s totally Kiff, Y’all!

    Thank you for joining the Beveni Prayer Team! Remember, I’ll be sending daily prayer requests & updates here at Moms4Change  from now til our trip begins, on September 18th. Hopefully we will have both time & internet access to send daily updates & praise reports for all God will be doing during the trip!

    One last thing ~ You’ll want to leave LOTS of comments on our daily prayer posts! I’ll tell you why tomorrow! 🙂

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    I confess. Tonight I Googled, “How to get people to give to online charity”

    I’m ashamed.  I really was trying to avoid resorting to guilt & pressure (as you’ll read below). And that’s why I did it.


    I genuinely DO want to see people open their hearts & pocket books –

    Wait back this blog train up – did I just say pocket books? I must have suddenly warped to 1953 when women called purses pocket books. Let me start that thought again!

    I genuinely DO want to see people open their hearts and purses so that our 132 Beveni kids in Swaziland can have basic medicines, first aid supplies, clothes & paper for school! In fact, it’s been nearly all I can think about since last Tuesday. How can we get the kids the items they have need of?

    God opened the doors through connecting us with Kids Against Hunger who is sending a shipment of food to Swaziland very soon. One of our sponsors is working diligently on our behalf to also ship medicines & other supplies to our Beveni kids, on that same container. It should arrive just before we do, in mid-September.

    Then God sparked the idea for Beveni Outpouring 72. $7200 in 72 hours for Beveni kids’ supplies. And the needs are being fulfilled! Our Beveni Team (you’re on the team, too) is raising the money to buy the supplies….

    Just not as fast as I’d hoped.
    At some point today I got worried… (just before I googled) What if we don’t get enough money to send the supplies? And I began to formulate all kinds of cockamamie ideas (can I say that on a Christian blog?) anyhow…

  • Maybe God said 1072 – $1072 in ONE THOUSAND  SEVENTY-TWO hours.
  • All my friends clicked “HIDE” when they saw I was doing an online fundraising campaign.
  • And the worst – It can’t be done. Who can raise $7200 online in 72 hours? I asked God, “What am I missing?”

  • God Googles, right?

    So what did Google say?

    I found out that people give for several reasons.

    • Guilt – not gonna go there.
    • Pressure – here either.
    • Happiness – happy people give more. It’s a fact. Trust me. I don’t know what site I read it on, but a study was conducted sighting that happy people are 40% more likely to give than those who aren’t happy. Duh.
    If you feel guilt-ed or pressured into giving to the Beveni Outpouring 72, don’t do it. Did you read that right? Yep. Don’t give if you feel a measure of guilt or pressure.

    I know, I can’t believe I said it either. I may regret it later.

    Give Because
    • It’s there is a need that you can fill – money goes FAR in Africa!
    • You have a happy heart!
    • You want to spread that joy to others!
    If you haven’t read the specifics of the Outpouring 72, please do so Beveni Outpouring 72 Announcement Post

    Otherwise, if you want to GIVE from your happy heart, GIVE HERE! THANK YOU! That’s the link to Children’s HopeChest Ministry’s online giving form.  In the notes section, be sure to write BEVENI SUPPLIES. Then drop me an email & tell me how much you gave, so I can add it to the grand total.

    The truth is I believe (now that I got through the worry) we will hit the mark of $7200 by 8a.m. Monday morning. But even if we don’t, God will use the money that has been given and multiply it in the lives of the givers & the Beveni kids. I know that for certain…

    …without Google’s help!

    Shine On Sisters!

    Ps. I hope this doesn’t take away from those who have given during our first 48 hours of the Beveni Outpouring 72. I’m so thankful that you stepped up to the plate! I just had a few discouraged hours and decided to blog about how God got me through it! 🙂

    Beveni Outpouring 72

    July 22, 2010 — 2 Comments

    $7200 in 72 hours for Beveni

    Finally! I can announce what I’ve been so excited about! I teased on a Facebook post two days ago that my excitement was almost palpable & I still have people waiting to hear!

    As of tomorrow morning we begin Beveni Outpouring 72.

    But first… I have to tell some quick background for those who aren’t yet familiar with Beveni.

    What’s a Beveni, you ask?

    I’m the sponsorship coordinator for the Beveni Carepoint in Swaziland, where we have sponsored a young lady for over a year now. In fact, at the Beveni Carepoint 132 children receive care including food, education, emotional support, and medical attention if necessary.

    There are over 20 carepoints like Beveni in Swaziland – all begun by Children’s HopeChest Ministry. The Carepoints are funded through churches & people desiring to see these kids find hope & safety & love where they live. Beveni is the only Carepoint that is not funded by a specific church, but simply through a group of online, like-minded individuals who have taken up the cause to help the kids find love & hope.

    Most of the 132 kids are orphaned due the AIDS pandemic, but all are vulnerable & deal with issues children should never have to deal with. In fact, the life expectancy in Swaziland is only 32 years old.

    A 15 year old is considered middle-aged.

    ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~

    Beveni Outpouring 72 is simple 72 hours set aside to raise $7200 for Beveni kids!

    We are part of a team who is going to serve at the Beveni Carepoint in Swaziland September 18th-29th. We have a huge opportunity to get the kid & the caregivers some much needed suppliesthings you & I take for granted.

    ° Basic medical supplies – Tylenol, cold, allergy meds, first aid needs

    ° School supplies – pencils, crayons, paper, rulers, mathematical drawing sets, flashcards, music cd’s & a carepoint boom box, etc.

    ° Personal items – soaps, deodorants, toothbrushes/paste, shirts, socks, shoes

    ° Fun! – soccer balls, jump ropes, dolls, card games, candy

    There is a potential for us to ship the medicines & first aid supplies through a great humanitarian organization. The shipment leaves the US very soon. Thus the need for a 72-hour campaign. For the rest of the supplies, we will buy them in Swaziland and hand-deliver them to the kids & the Carepoint leaders! This will also help the local businesses & economy.

    So Friday morning (this morning!) the Beveni Outpouring 72 begins. And by Monday 8a.m. Monday morning, I expect that we will have EXCEEDED our goal!

    We WILL raise $7200 in 72 hours for the Beveni Carepoint. Do you want to help create hope? Of course you do! Give what you can, but give from your heart!

    It’s simple. Here’s how…


    1. CLICK on this link to HopeChest.


    2. Indicate the $$$ you wish to give  Your gift will be tax deductible.

    3. **VERY Important** in the NOTES section write: BEVENI SUPPLIES

    4. SHARE this information on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, with your church, your friends, and your kids…  ALL WEEKEND LONG!

    5. PRAY that God blesses this event of outpouring. Pray that He also provides an outpouring of hope to our kids at Beveni, their families & all those involved in serving the kids in Swaziland. And pray that He blesses those that give!

    HopeChest won’t have the totals processed until mid-next week. So do me solid & email me at to let me know how much you were able to give towards Beveni Outpouring 72. Names will not be shared, only dollar amounts.

    I will keep a running total on Moms4Change Facebook Page as well as my personal FB page. So stay tuned, cuz we’re about to be a part of something BIGGER THAN YOU & I!!!!

    Shine On Sisters!

    Danielle Brower

    ps. Shout out to ZekeDesigns for the graphics & logos! Holla! You can find them on facebook HERE!

    Hope Is FOUND!!!!

    June 25, 2010 — 2 Comments

    We have sponsored a young girl, Siphiwe, for over a year now through Children’s HopeChest. HopeChest along with Adventures in Missions has 19 Carepoint Sites through Swaziland, Africa. Siphiwe comes daily to the Beveni Carepoint along with 131 other orphaned and vulnerable children.

    The Beveni Carepoint is where the children receive food (usually their only meal of the day), clothing & medical treatment if needed, education & love because of the committed workers who run the Carepoint, but also because they have sponsors who give $34 a month to Children’s HopeChest that sees to it these individual children are cared for body, soul & spirit.

    Sponsorship is a $34 a month commitment, with the opportunity to communicate with a sweet, but needy child via letters & translation of emails by Children’s HopeChest. Please contact me, Danielle, to begin to change a life & be their HOPE! Thank you!!! You won’t regret it.

    These six children were in need of new sponsors, but in a few short weeks, families stepped up & stepped in to support them both financially & with love. Thank you sponsors for being HOPE!

    Won’t you be the change 4 a child’s life?

    SPONSORED on 07.21.2010 Thokozani, age 13, lives about 15 minutes from our carepoint with nine other children. He enjoys sports, singing, agriculture, and reading to name a few. If you can support Thokozani, please message or email me. I have more details about him & how sponsorship works. THX


    SPONSORED on 06.29.2010 Little Bukiwe is about 6 years old. Her personality is best described as active, composed, introverted, and competitive. Know any other little girls like this!? 🙂


    SPONSORED on 07.01.2010 Nomcebo is a beautiful 16 year old girl who lives a 20 minute walk from our carepoint. She likes singing, dancing, cooking and reading, among other things. She is described as good-natured, introverted and sensitive.


    SPONSORED on 07.12.2010 Zandile is about 8 years old. Her current home is about one hour’s walk from Beveni each day. She is described as composed, friendly, and curious. If you can support Zandile, please message or email me. I have more details about her & how sponsorship works. THX


    SPONSORED on 07.12.2010 Mhlengi is 19 years old and in the 11th grade. He lives with his aunt and 6 other children. He is described as an extrovert and competitive. If you can support Mhlengi, please message or email me. I have more details about him & how sponsorship works. THX


    SPONSORED on 07.12.2010 Mduduzi is about 14 years old. He lives about 20 minutes from the Beveni Carepoint. He lives with his parents & eight other children. He is in the 5th or 6th grade now.  If you can support Mduduzi, please message or email me. I have more details about him & how sponsorship works. THX

    Moms – here’s your chance to become HOPE to another child, who needs love & care just as your own do.