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What Do I Know?

August 27, 2013 — 6 Comments

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.04.33 PMI’m sorry.

I don’t know.

Its almost embarrassing how often I have to say these two phrases. But whatever, because I’m highly aware of how much I still have to learn about life. That list could go on & on & on

and on.

This list of what I know is much shorter, so here it goes!

I know:

1. First of all, I know I don’t know much. Most of what I have learned though, has been learned in the valleys, not on the mountaintops. Embrace the valleys.

2. God isn’t just great because of the BIG things He does. His most majestic greatness is revealed in the fact that He cares for every single detail of our lives. His Love is Endless & Reckless. Whatever it takes.

3. There’s a whole lot of stuff to be thankful for and having a lot of ‘stuff’ isn’t one of them. 

4. Money, like Love, is meant to be given away. Show me someone who freely gives both money & Love at the expensive of their own comforts, and I’ll show you a compassionate, joy-filled being. Michael Oh nails it in this video clip about Missions & Money. A generation is rising that is so in love with Jesus, their own entertainment & comforts are but an afterthought. The Gospel must be preached in all the world. And this generation is gonna take their resources of time, love and yes, money to make it happen.

5. Godly men are hard to come by. If you’ve got one, keep him even if you’d like to kick him in the pants once in a while. Focus on his strengths and maybe he will too. Okay, still learning.

6. There’s no pit deep & dark enough that God’s loving arm can’t reach. Trust me, I’ve been to the bottom of several. Remember valleys & whatever it takes.

7. Kids are a gift from God… even when they drive a momma to the edge of Ca-razeee Town. Some answers to your prayers are wrapped up in these precious gifts, just waiting to be opened for the right time. As Mark Batterson says, our prayers never die. They live on through our children & grandchildren.

8. God wants R.E.A.L (Relationships Exhibiting Actual Love), and so do people. Western Christianity has somehow turned a relationship with God into a formal affair, made complete by donning a fancy outfit & attending a posh venue every weekend just to say you were there. It gets old, fast. Or imagine inviting your family over for a steak dinner, except when they arrive you give each of them a detailed, step-by-step recipes of how to make a juicy T-bone steak, creamy mashed potatoes, and even a mouth-watering baked from scratch apple pie, complete with illustrations! They’ll be quickly disappointed and probably get out of there as fast as they can! PEOPLE ARE HUNGRY FOR REAL FOOD not recipes about food!!! And God wants REAL HUNGRY people at His table! Know a group of Christians who, instead of forming a committee to contemplate potentially voting on serving the needs of their community, are actually serving up real food in the real world? Go. Seriously. Go. That my friends, is church! 

So that’s all I know. Today. Tomorrow I may even forget some of these (especially 5 & 7).

So tell me, what do you KNOW? Today. Share a comment or drop me an email I’d like to share some of your life lessons in future posts. Together, we might just realize we know way more than we thought.

Shine On!


You don’t matter. Your life really doesn’t count. I’ve got better things to do with my

time & resources than to spend it on you. Somebody else can take care of you. Not me.


Do you ever say that?

Think before you quickly & religiously answer that.

Yes, you do. So do I.

Maybe not out loud, but when we turn a blind eye to the desperate need of the world’s people,

both at home & abroad we are in fact saying these things.

Have I offended you yet? Good.

I usually can come up with at least 27 excuses as to why I can’t help somebody out. Here’s my top 4

1. Dude, I’ve got bills to pay! My bills have bills to pay!!!

2. Do you have any idea what else I have to do today? I’m borrowing time from tomorrow to get done with all I have to do!

3. You know, I just don’t feel up to it… someone with Type A personality will do it. I don’t want to stress out.

4. As sure as I start to help, they’re gonna want more & more of my time & money. Before you know it I’ll be burned out and broke! Been there. Done that. I’m not taking that risk! (this is my favorite)

Let’s stop sucking… the life out of ourselves. Let’s exhale truth. Let’s breath LIFE into the world.

Truth is you are needed. There are life & death needs that you can meet! You can make the difference in someone’s life by dumping the selfish excuses & getting your hands dirty! Reach out across your street today. Reach across your world today. There is work to be done!

What ‘good’ excuses do you use when you are asked to give of your time & money?

Come on! I aired my dirty laundry… 🙂