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It's Huge, isn't it? You can be completely honest...

We’re all friends here right?

Our very own Berta Mae has been helping me redecorate Moms4Change!

She suggested I add a more ‘natural organic’ look to the blog. You know, so everyone feels relaxed & at home.

So as my official research cow (you can read more of her research HERE & THERE), it’s only right that I let her continue her research.

Two questions:

(Berta Mae loves to chew on constructive criticism)

1. How does the layout of the blog look on your screen? Is it proportioned correctly?

2. How is the overall blog functioning when you click through?

Please be as detailed as you’d like. We want Moms4Change to ROCK for you!

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Berta Mae, Research Cow Extraordinaire, is HUNGRY!

To the rest of you: If you haven’t subscribed via email or RSS yet, don’t let this post frighten you or cause you to run away in terror from M4C. We are all about the serious business of motherhood and making a difference in the world around us. Seriously. Berta Mae just has a warped sense of humor sometimes. Who am I to stop her?

Milkin’ it for all it’s worth!

Danielle & Berta Mae

Disclaimer: I do not like cows. I actually have cowphobia. I literally was chased by a mad cow when I was a little girl and I’ve never gotten over it. Berta Mae is the only cow that’s ever won me over. She’s that good.

Berta Mae, Research Cow Extraordinaire, is HUNGRY!

Okay, so you guys surprised me! I knew I had smart readers, but I was shocked at how many of you responded to my first set of questions regarding friendship, with such thoughtful insight.

Thank you!

Now here’s another question for you…

In order to be a true friend, we have to tell the truth even when it hurts, because lying to her (includes keeping quiet)  will hurt even more, right?

Now I know my opinion on this, but I’m prepared to be fascinated by yours.

Research Question:  In your opinion, is it okay to be brutally honest, in the context of close friendships? Another way of asking this is ~ do you value friends who are brutally honest with you? Or are you offended by their honesty? Please explain.

Keep those answers coming! Remember Berta Mae is hungry!!!! 🙂

In case you missed the first questions…

SOS! Research Help Needed!

Shine on Sisters!

Meet Berta Mae, Research Cow Extraordinaire

I’ve been thinking a lot (watch out!)

Besides thinking I’ve been researching.

I’ve been researching women’s friendships & what makes them work. STOP: Can I call us girlfriends, without anybody getting any weird ideas? Girls who are friends is the subject. Now that that’s settled…

I talked briefly about how one woman’s kindness impacted me last week on The Friend Ship

Yes, we are all moms. But we were first women.

And at our very core, women, we need each other’s friendship.

I believe we lead better lives when we go through it with our girlfriends!

I can read articles all day via my Google University Research Studies, but not get real answers.

So, I need your help! Over the next few days/weeks, (however long it takes me) I’ll be asking a few questions about girlfriends and how we relate to & bless each other and how we can bug the crap out of each other.

Here goes…

1. What’s one thing a girlfriend does that strengthen/deepens your relationship with her?

on the opposite side of that coin

2. What’s one thing that weakens a relationship with a girlfriend?

I look forward to hearing multiple perspectives on this subject of girlfriends. While I think an open forum is beneficial, if you feel more comfortable emailing me privately, please do so.

Oh! I almost forgot to introduce you to my research cow, Berta Mae. Seriously, she’s the best researcher ever. She finds what I need, chews on it and spits it back out just the way I like it! Whenever you see Berta Mae on a post, you know research questions are sure to follow!

I have a warped sense of humor. 🙂

Shine On Sisters!!!